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Working in aquatics for over 27 years as a teacher and coach I will help you realise your potential. Whether you are a beginner, have a fear of water, training for a specific event or timed swim I can help you to learn the correct techniques to enable you to swim confidently and efficiently. Having spent many years training and competing for a club and continuing to enjoy the industry to this day, I have experienced techniques and practices adapting, FINA laws evolving, and aquatic disciplines expanding. Witnessing the historic activities and progressive developments in this field throughout the years, has allowed me to develop a strong depth and breadth of knowledge in aquatics. I have continued to develop my swimming career as a mentor and educator to the next generation of swimming teachers, and continue to share my ethos that every person should have the opportunity to learn this life saving skill regardless of age, ability or background.

Swim England Tutor/Assessor
SEQ Level 2 Coaching
Swim England Level 2 Teacher
Swim England Level 2 Adult and Child Teacher
Swim England Open Water Coach
STA Tutor/Assessor
National Aquaphobia Trainer/Assessor (NATA)
Advanced Aquaphobia Coach
Level 3 In education and training (RQF)
Level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (IQA)


“In 2019, I was training for entry into U.S. Naval Special Operations, which requires a timed swim test using a unique side stroke little-known outside the military. Chloe agreed to be my swimming instructor, and she spent a good amount of her free time studying the technique on Youtube videos so that she could help me improve. My swim times ultimately improved to very competitive standards for the test. She went further by helping me with freestyle, underwater swimming, and fin work, and even after moving away from Cambridge, has kept in touch to advise on things like sports nutrition, managing shoulder injury, treading, and general water confidence. Would highly recommend.”
J.M. ~ USA

“I have known Chloe for around 8 years; for the first few years, as my son’s swimming teacher and then, for the last 3 years, as my own swimming coach. I approached her for classes as I had previously suffered from bursitis brought on by swimming, and was now wanting to embark on long-distance swimming (mainly outdoor marathons). My main motivator was avoid injury and improve my stamina and technique. My weekly/fortnightly 1-2-1 classes with Chloe have brought about a tangible and visible improvement in my swim speed and technique, for both indoor and outdoor swims. Chloe has improved not only my freestyle open water technique but also my backstroke and butterfly. Her teaching/coaching style is no-nonsense and jargon-free, meaning I’ve always found it relatively easy to implement her tips. Importantly, she makes herself heard even in a busy swimming pool (no offence!). So, in specific terms: no more repetitive strain injuries, no more bursitis, my previously sinking legs are now no longer an issue, my breathing is more controlled and I now I feel I have the skills to tackle mass triathlon starts (whereas I’ve always previously started from the back).

Furthermore, and despite the Covid lockdown, Chloe still coached me by studying and dissecting swim videos of my tethered swimming in my garden pool! She still managed to tweak technique, positioning, my catch (one arm slightly more extended than the other) and helped strengthen my kick through innovative drills for tethered swimming. Since I’ve not had any triathlons or competitive open water swims this year – due to all the events being cancelled – I cannot point to any personal bests this year to present to Chloe as a recognition of how she has helped. But I did several mid-distance swim/runs while on holiday; I have never felt more at ease in open water! My breathing and sighting have improved beyond anything I expected and my body is more streamlined. My swimming is smoother and more effective: I can’t wait for a competitive swim now! Thank you Chloe for helping me improve my openwater and indoor swimming technique and keeping me injury-free. I wholeheartedly recommend Chloe as a fine, charismatic, and didactic swimming coach.”
D.M. ~ Cambridge

Chloe is not just an amazing teacher due to her personality with the children, she also explains why certain things should be done therefore helping adults to reinforce teaching with their children. My children have both loved their lessons and I cannot thank Chloe enough for her teaching style that has sparked a great love of swimming for my four year old. I cannot recommend her skills, knowledge and passion for swimming enough.
K.S. ~ Saffron Walden

“My child, who did not like his previous group swimming lessons, has both enjoyed and learnt to swim with Chloe. The lessons are tailored to the needs of the child and are made fun. Now my younger child (age 5) is taking the one-to-one lessons and looks forward to going each time. Would highly recommend”.
I.B. ~ Great Shelford

“I’ve been seeking to improve my swimming, with my coach Chloe, for the last seven weeks in a group lesson and also individual lessons. Chloe is punctual, easy going, calm, understanding, knowledgeable and has lots of patience. When she teaches us, Chloe ensures that we get the technique correct. When I swim she can see me where I am going wrong and helps and encourages me in a way where I understand that technique. Chloe makes me to work hard by setting a goal for my benefit and I enjoy my swimming lessons with her. She is a great coach and is actively teaching me how to improve my swimming. I will recommend Chloe as a swimming coach to anyone who is interested in developing their swimming skills”.
S.A. ~ St Ives, Cambridgeshire

“Chloe taught me right when I was a beginner adult and more recently as an intermediate level front crawl swimmer. She has a very keen eye with any problems with my swimming stroke, identifying issues that are particular with my technique. Chloe excels with suggestions for practices and exercises that help improve my stroke! She is very supportive, has a lovely personality and is great fun. I can very much recommend her as a teacher”.
K.B. ~ Great Shelford